“These images are incredible! What an excellent team we make.”

Phillip Corps is a leading florist, stylist and designer. Catering for weddings, corporates, TV, film, hotels, restaurants, events, luxury brands and more.

Phillip didn’t mean to become a florist, it just happened. He studied sculpture at Plymouth Art College, then after that, through a chance meeting ended up working for a florist in London. Branching out on his  own to originally set up business in Cornwall you can often find him in the Southwest, but mainly in London.

Phillip says his job is to create. He loves people and being a florist connects him with people. That’s the best thing about his job – people. Every job he undertakes deals with bringing to life floral dreams using feelings and emotions, be it weddings, funerals, corporate or film and television, he just loves it.

A chance meeting at a magazine shoot at Bridwell Park started a fabulous love story and sincere appreciation for this man’s creativity and work. Proud to work with him on many occasions, his styling and floral designs blow me away. 

“These images are incredible! What an excellent team we make. Thank you my darling. Much love, xx”



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