The Next Chapter ...

Handing over a bride and groom’s wedding album is always a ‘bitter-sweet’ experience for me. It’s wonderful as I get to see the look on their faces, hear the gasps of joy and reminisce with them about their wedding day but on the other hand it’s sad, as I know we won’t be having regular communication and excited phone calls about their wedding.

I had those exact feelings back in the summer of 2009 when I handed Sarah & Mark their wedding album. I had photographed their wedding at Cadbury House Hotel, just outside of Bristol, in May 2009 and as Sarah drove off, I hoped our paths would cross again.

And…….just after Christmas they did. I got an exciting email from Sarah to tell me that her and Mark had had a little girl, Emily, and would love me to come to their house to photograph their newly completed family.

It was so lovely to see them both again, catch up, reminisce about their wedding and meet the gorgeous Emily. As always, I spent some time with them, letting her get to know me, before I got my camera out and after a bottle of milk (a very loud burp!!) and a bit of time playing with her giraffe, we were firm friends.

Sarah & Mark – it was so lovely to see you both again, thank you for welcoming me into your home and letting me photograph your gorgeous little girl….she is adorable.

Venetia xx

I love this image and the look on Emily’s face. We were all doing the ‘making funny noises & blowing raspberries’ to make her smile but clearly she thought we were just plain bonkers!

This sequence is gorgeous and would look stunning in a triple aperture frame….

Look at those little ‘toothy-pegs’!

She’s can’t quite crawl yet but is very efficient at rolling everywhere. It took Daddy & I several attempts, of putting her back ‘upright’ to get this one!

Daddy’s little girl….

But I definitely think she bears a beautiful resemblance to Mummy (sorry Mark!!)….

One for the wall to match the wedding photograph….

A quick change of clothes and she didn’t hesitate in telling us ‘Yawn…..I’m bored now!’

P.S. I had a fabulous weekend this weekend; photographing Emily Friday afternoon, a stunning wedding on Saturday and then delivering a wedding album on Sunday! More on the wedding and the album soon.