New - Product Collection

Have I told you I’m a bit of a product junkie and a magpie for design?

I’ve always believed my clients images deserve to be displayed, loved and cherished – so when a new exhibition at Birmingham NEC was announced, bringing the finest manufacturers in design together, I just knew I had to be there.

On arrival, it became very clear I was not going to come away empty handed – it was time to shop for an exquisite new collection of bespoke, unique, handcrafted products for my clients.

Ellie and I were on it like rockets – afterall, who doesn’t love to shop! We scrutinised and swooned to the stars and back, whilst handpicking and ordering our favourite pieces.

The samples now have pride of place in the studio, showcasing the highest quality materials paired perfectly with innovative detail and design. This enables our clients to touch, feel and purchase their chosen pieces with great confidence, joy and excitement!

I’ll not hold back when I say, the new collection is quite simply fabulous! It offers a terrific choice – for Ellie and I took time to select the bold, the diverse and the beautiful when it came to the materials, the look and feel of each piece and the sizing options too.

We’re so incredibly proud of the new collection that we’ve created a ‘look book’ to demonstrate the potential of each gorgeous piece, which we can share with your family and friends upon request. This allows others to enjoy your images by purchasing their own set of products, whilst saving valuable time for everyone in the process.

If you’ve fallen in love with these products as much as we have and you’d love one in your home, whether its from a past wedding or portraiture session or you simply want to update your images, do get in touch. We feel certain you’ll find the perfect piece.

Venetia x

P.S. Check out one of our absolute favourites…the beautiful Birch Sphere.

venetianorrington-studioproducts-82 (1).jpg