The Best Photographer in Devon I hear you cry…that’s apparently what many are saying!

Those of you who know me well will know I’m an outdoor girl. Whether it be digging in the garden, yomping around the woods with clients and a camera in my hand or playing on the beach, I’m never happier than when I am out and about. And I’m definitely not shy of a bit of dirt under my fingernails or a bit of mud on my (beloved) wellies.

Some might find this a bit of a shock as for them, in the realm they know me, I’m a bit of a girly girl. Often sporting a dress rather than jeans, falling in love with anything and everything ‘pretty’ and often donning a pair of ridiculously high stilettos!

So, when I got an email this week to say I’d been nominated for a Muddy Stiletto award for the Best Photographer in Devon, I couldn’t believe it.

Now I’m not one to go in for awards. Often entering yourself and voted for by fellow photographers or friends in the industry, for me what my clients, their friends and family tell me is the only thing that matters to me.The feedback they give, the thank you cards and emails they send, the testimonials they write are the only thing I need to know that for them, we’re the best.

But hey….it feels good to be recognised!

So, if you have 2 mintutes (I know it only takes 2 as bless my very elderly Mum made me help her do it #biggestfan) and you feel the same as the person who nominated me, I’d love if you’d nominate me too to make it to the final. Just click here and follow the instructions 🙂

Much love,



P.S A huge thanks to Family R, who have been clients for the last 8 years, who nominated me and started this whole process. Love you guys!

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