Girl Boss

Principle Photographer

– What get’s you out of bed in the morning (work or non work related)

Seriously?! Why wouldn’t you! Each day brings new adventures, new joy, new challenges and is all part of this wonderful journey of life. I just *do*. If you want to live this life to the full, grab every moment, explore every opportunity and do what you’ve always dreamed off, then you can’t do that from your bed! It’ll be of no surprise to you that I’m an early riser who is up and ‘at em’ (and chatting) early doors!


– What do you love most about your role at VNHQ

These questions are hard! There are *SO* many things. But I think it’s safe to say its the ‘moments’ I get to share with people. (Whether that’s at a momentous event in their life, at their viewing, when I see them again for their next moments occasion, at their viewing or when they pop back to pick up their products I love all that interaction). I love documenting those moments not only for their memories but also for the future generations. I love the fact that they will have images that their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will look back on in years to come with love, awe and intrigue in the same way I do with my family images. It’s SO important to exist in images. People, their stories and their journey’s rock my world. I also love working with fellow suppliers – pulling together to make a couples wedding, everything they dreamt off. Oh, and of course the amazing places I get to visit, some of which I would never have got to go to, if it hadn’t been for this wonderful ‘job’. (Oh, oh, and helping and supporting couples or parents, being a calming, knowledgeable influence and reassuring them that everything that’s happening is ‘normal’). I could go on, but maybe I should stop?!


– What gives you an extra spring in your step in the studio

Hands down watching a clients face as they view their images for the very first time. The joy, tears, excitement, surprise and all the other plethora of emotions they go through – I LOVE it!! And then watching (and chuckling) as they try to whittle that selection down to their choices for their album or pieces of wall art – they can never chose. To see it and hear it from the horse mouth is an *incredible* feeling. That and of course when a clients products get delivered and then again when the client has them in their hands for the first time.


– What is your favourite product from the new collection, and why

Can I have 2?! They are very different LOL! Wall Art wise it has to be the Art Panel Multi – I love the fact you get almost a story on the wall, the solidness of the product, the edge to edge print and the vibrancy of it. However, I also *adore* our new Fine Art Portrait Albums. I have been searching for years for a beautiful album, of a similar high quality as our wedding albums, that our portrait clients can have their family images presented in but nothing ever seemed to fit the bill. The quality always was the issue and I would never compromise and use something I felt was sub-standard. Finally earlier this year we sourced some of the most exquisite albums I’ve ever seen at this price point and the proof of the pudding is that my clients are LOVING them!


– Digital or Print, Wall Art or Album, and why?

Album. As with the Fine Art Portrait Albums, I searched for many years when I first started for an album manufacturer that I felt truly reflected the quality of my clients and that I felt deserved my clients images. I found Jorgesen and have never looked back. Having said that, Wall Art a very close second! It’s horses for course and everyone and how they prefer to look at their images is unique. Some prefer to be curled up on the sofa with a loved one, a glass of fizz, leafing through their  beautiful ‘work of art’ and others love having something on the wall ‘at hand’ to view every moment of every day. That’s what our Viewing and Product Consultations are for, to find the best way for each individual couple or family to have their images presented, with works for them.


– List three things that people may not know about you

I was once a Tour Leader for overland trips in Africa. I love to surf. I have a VW Camper Van. I always wanted to be a dancer, but my Mum didn’t think it was a ‘proper job’ – imagine her shock / surprise / reservations when I announced some 10+ years ago I was giving up my very sensible (and well paid) job as Marketing Account Director to be a…Photographer!!


– List your top three desert island must haves

Firewood (I get cold, I could cook and make smoke signals if I got bored and wanted to leave!). Some way of streaming music (so I could dance on my own, under the stars…imagine!). And photographs.


– Your favourite drink

Mojito’s. Or fizz. And good old fashioned water. Life’s all about balance, hey?!


– Your favourite supper

Seafood or fish anything.


– Your favourite place

The beach, any beach. And further afield, Malawi – the people there are just *so* friendly.


– What is your studio secret weapon?

Us. Myself and the wonderful collection of inspired, creative, hard-working, fun people that support me. There is a great joy in working with others towards a common goal. That and the incredible clients (venues and suppliers) who recommend me and are true advocates of what I do.


– What is exciting you about the future at VNHQ

Everything!!!!! There are so many new and exciting things happening right now, in the pipeline for the near future and on an endless list for ‘when we have time’, that sometimes it’s hard to sleep at night for the excitement. But for me personally, now that I have people who support me and work so hard to give my clients the best services they rightfully deserve, getting work / life balance.

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