To kick-start our series of features on some of the amazing Dad’s we have known and photographed, I thought I’d start with my own experience. Mainly because it’s an excuse to tell the world about the wonderful man that is Neville.

*Disclaimer….yes these are iPhone selfies!*


Neville (or Grandad as we fondly call him) is my father-in-law and quite frankly…everyone needs a Neville! He is the epitome of amazing and I class myself as one of the luckiest woman alive to have him in my life.

Not only is he strong, supportive, caring, capable, giving, practical, positive and so many more qualities, he’s fun. Neville often comes down for weeks at a time and he’s just the easiest person in the world to live with. He loves everything food wise I put in front of him (I’m a pretty boring, healthy girl), loves many of the same hobbies as I do, he understands my need to have the laptop on my knee most evenings, he’s a fellow Gin and Tonic lover and he’s uber helpful to boot. When he goes, I wonder where on earth the ‘fairies’ have gone that have been doing my washing-up, chopping all the vegetables ready for cooking, cutting my grass, hanging out my washing and just generally keeping the house spick and span.


And when there’s a job that needs doing, Neville’s your man. In the office whenever there is a Wedding Fair stand to be built, some extra hands needed on a styled shoot, some furniture to be moved or indeed a time machine needed to get more work done, you’ll hear the cry “Well, can’t Neville build it?!”. He’s definitely part of VN Towers in his own little way.


I sadly lost my father at a very young age and whilst Mum was great and did the most amazing job of bringing me up single-handed I’m over-the-moon that ‘Grandad’ found his way into my life.

One night, over a cheeky G&T he told me his thoughts about fatherhood in his own words…”

* Tell us about your wonderful family

I have a son, Karl and a daughter Lisa, both are grown-up and have grown-up children of their own. We’re very lucky I think Joan and I, as the two children we have had, have never caused any problems and have been really loving children. When I see other people’s children, and how they behave, the family issues they have, I realise how lucky we are.

* If you were going to get one gift for Father’s Day what would it be?

A long holiday together, all the close family, so everyone could chill out and relax. We’d walk, cook healthy food, eat, drink wine (or G&T), chat and enjoy each other’s company…without the laptop or the camera!!! Maybe a farm house based in England, the Lake District or by the sea, because everyone likes the sea! Definitely not London!! (Nev recently accompanied me on a work trip to ‘the big smoke’ for the day and I think it’s safe to say, he’s not a fan LOL!).

* We know there will be many, but does one memory stick out as being your favourite with your little one(s)?

Oh gosh, that’s easy…seeing them born! That’s is the most natural and loveliest thing in the world, to be there to watch your children come into the world. Karl was a chubby little thing (and yes, I did keep that bit in Karl!!!), covered in white stuff…being a first time father I wondered why they’d put all that Nivea cream all over him! Lisa was smaller, more petite and darker…my own beautiful little girl.

* What 3 words describe your offspring best?

 Loving, caring and intelligent. We’re so luckily they are intelligent kids.

* Tell us about the Venetia you know.

She’s different from the girls I know up North. I like her because she’ll have a go at things and she’ll get stuck in and doesn’t mind getting into the hard or dirty jobs. I think she’s brilliant especially the way she looks after and cleans up her Mother when she’s poorly – some girls wouldn’t do that even if they were paid to. She’s intelligent and well educated and we have some great times together. I’m so lucky to have her as a daughter in law. (Awww…*blush*).

* What is the best thing about being a father?

Knowing you’ve got someone to look after you when you’re older LOL!!!! No seriously, knowing you have brought children up successfully. We’ve not been able to give them everything they wanted, but we did everything we could at the time.

Thanks to mine and all the various types of Dad out there!



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