Last week I posted a very personal Father’s Day Blog with my wonderful step-father Neville, I asked him a series of questions about being a Dad and what it means to him. I thought about all the wonderful families I have had the privilege or photographing and wanted to reach out to some of these top of the ‘pops’ and it’s been rather an emosh response actually!

I kick off with none other than Andy, one of my longest-standing clients! From engagement shoot to weddingmaternity to baptism, newborn to 1st birthday…we’ve covered it all and had a brilliantly fun journey along the way with Bethan and now gorgeous bouncy little James. Andy and Bethan now have beautiful albums of each photography session and proud pieces of wall art capturing their memories and family growing up perfectly. Just look at the image timeline below! (And Andy’s lovely words of course).



Tell us about your wonderful family!

I am Husband to Bethan and Father to James. Bethan and I have known each other for almost 15 years, and married for 7 of those years. James is a little over 16 months old now. We work well together as a family and seem to all get each other!

If you were going to get one gift for Father’s Day, what would it be?

Time with my family, my brothers and sisters and parents, this includes the in-laws too, both sides of our families get on well together, but we don’t get to see each other as much as I would like due to time constraints and distance.

We know there will be many, but does one memory stick out as being your favourite with your little one?

Absolutely has to be the first time he said Daddy, but with real meaning, after I had come home from a few days away with work, he came to the door and just cried out Daddy and it was wonderful! (and probably every time since)!

What 3 words describe James best?

Cuddly. Happy. Exploring.

Tell us about your experience having a photoshoot with Venetia.

The first time that we had a photoshoot with Venetia was for our engagement / pre-wedding shoot, she put us at such ease and became our friend over that first shoot, she was able to get the best out of our time together and make us feel so comfortable with having professional photos taken. Which explains why we have been back to her to get her to record a lot of James’s first year with our bumps to baby package! We have now had seven photoshoots with her, which is a testament to her as a person and as a professional photographer.

What is the best thing about being a Father?

Getting to watch this little person grow and be proud of their development, you can see it happen day to day and each new little thing just makes me that little bit more proud!

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