A few weeks ago I posted a very personal Father’s Day Blog with my wonderful step-father Neville, I asked him a series of questions about being a Dad and what it means to him. I thought about all the wonderful families I have had the privilege of photographing and wanted to reach out to some of these top of the ‘pops’ and it’s been rather an emosh response actually !

This week we spoke to Craig, who along with his beautiful family has been a wonderful client since he and Brogan’s wedding, to the birth of gorgeous Willow, to Willow’s first birthday!

Much love



Tell us about your wonderful family!

Myself and my wife Brogan have actually known each other since primary school. After losing touch we met again nearly 10 years ago, in that time we have got married and had a gorgeous little girl Willow, who is approaching 15 months.

If you were going to get one gift for Father’s Day, what would it be?

We love spending time as a family so a day trip for the three of us.

We know there will be many, but does one memory stick out as being your favourite with your little one?

I think one of them has to be taking her back to Bridwell Park where we were married. Even though she was at the wedding … we just weren’t aware! Having Venetia capture that moment was definitely a memory that will stick with me.

What 3 words describe Willow best?

Happy. Funny. Gorgeous.

Tell us about your experience having a photoshoot with Venetia.

We first met Venetia at a wedding fair and booked her as soon as we met for our wedding. The photos she captured for us were amazing, our guests commented on her professionalism, relaxed approach and her ability at making everyone feel at ease. When we shared our news with Venetia that Brogan was expecting, she told us about the photoshoots that we could arrange with her. We have had three photoshoots with Venetia for Willow and each one we have loved. It’s never stressful, just a lovely day out that we look forward to – making precious memories for the future.

What is the best thing about being a Father?

Watching our little girl grow up and being a part of it. Nothing can compare to the love that we have for her. Hearing the word Dada is just perfect!

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