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I’m an Adventurer. A traveler. And a lover of life. I’m a sea loving surf junkie, happiest barefoot and never have a camera far from my reach. I’m a hopeless romantic and known to shed a tear or two. I’m creative, wild and love to be free. But also ridiculously grounded and a lover of all things orderly! (Life is all about balance, surely?!). Oh…and for my sins…I’m addicted to Peppermint.

I was also named after a rather important ship, on which my father served as Commander - H.M.S Venetia!

Want to know a little more?! I was quizzed by Bride’s magazine. I talked way too much and was very passionate! But if you fancy a read…here’s the interview. (It’s worth visiting the article, just for the behind-the-scenes images…!).

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