I originally started my blog as a personal record of my journey as a photographer and right from the beginning I knew I didn’t want it to be about ‘me, me, me’. I’ve always endeavored to not do the ‘standard’ “Sally and Kevin got married. They got married at ‘A Posh Hotel’. She looked beautiful and he looked handsome….” as I am adamant that I want the words be as interesting to readers as the photographs. However, over the last couple of years, I’ve been searching for the answers to make my blog …well, that was the problem … I didn’t know what but I knew I wanted it to be different … !

Many of you know I was privileged enough to go on the Jasmine Star course last year where I met Kat from Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride. Now, for those of you who don’t know of Kat, she (and her husband) have made a career (and a very decent living) out of being professional bloggers.

Professional what?! I hear some of you ask! Blogger. Yes, basically, Kat writes amazing wedding related articles for a living and has literally ‘thousands’ of readers.

Now….it’s not that I want to be a professional blogger (I have enough to do and that would mean having to ‘sacrifice’ photography … which I could never do!) or have thousands of readers (a few more that comment would be nice!) but she clearly has to be doing something right, to make so many people love reading her site. So … last year, when she announced the chance to join her on ‘The Devon School of Rock’ came…..I jumped at it.

I endeavor to invest in at least two ‘high-level’, professional courses a year to continually improve myself, my skills and my service and keep up to date with best practice learning from ‘the best of the best’. And what I love about those courses, is it not only benefits my clients hugely and helps me ‘set myself apart’, but it’s great for me personally as it’s a fabulous opportunity to meet lots of new and interesting people, chat weddings to your hearts content and get a burst of inspirationat the same time.

Now, having worked as an ‘Online Account Manager’ (and being addicted to several ‘high-profile’ bloggers!) I think I’m pretty savvy on blogging and Social Media and what ‘goes down’, but this course REALLY opened my eyes and made me think about things very differently. I’ve spent the time since the course working out where ‘this fits’ within my business, laying down plans and … writing lots! So, from now on, you will be seeing some changes round here which, hopefully, you’ll find exciting and useful!

Now, given that I, unlike the lovely Kat, have a whole other business to run and blogging isn’t my only job, am going to have to walk before I can run but, nevertheless, it’s going to happen…and what’s more….it’s here to stay!

And, as with everything, I LOVE feedback so, if your a regular reader or even a ‘first-timer’ and you have something you don’t like, something to suggest I feature or even just to just say ‘Yay Venetia, you go girl’ … please don’t hesitate to comment here or email me your thoughts – I’d love to hear them.

Venetia xx

The incredible Kat (& her fabulous husband Gareth (the IT strength behind the business))


I am so lucky to have a group of other amazing wedding suppliers to me in Honiton and ‘the girls’ (Kate Walker & Clare Hassall) and I jumped at the chance to have ‘a day out’!



We were joined by not only other professional wedding photographers but by other weddings suppliers and even those not in the wedding industry.





….including the gorgeous dogs that live at Muddiford Court!



As with all ‘creatives’ Kat never does things by half and the evenings entertainments had a stunning ‘Bollywood’ theme….





With flowers courtesy of the fabulous Clare Hassall



Curry, wine and wedding chat….what more could a group ask for to get the ‘party rocking’?!





The small matter of cake?!



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  1. aww thanks for the lovely blog post and write up of school of rock! i hope to see you at another event soon!

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