This is it…

February 2nd, 2015

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away…I started a photography business. As I set up the business, one by one I ticked off the things I needed; compliment slips, sample albums, a camera(!) and a web-site (well, there was clearly a lot more to it than that but…!). I have to admit, I never *really* expected it to take off in the way it did, or to be here, having made a full-time career out of it, 12 years later.

I’ve always invested in ‘the best tools for the job’ in my business, believing that my clients deserve and appreciate quality. At the time I started, the ‘online whirlwind’ was only just getting going, and the web-site that I had built, not only looked amazing, but had all the functionality I, and more importantly, my clients needed, and more. However, 12 years down the line, everything has changed; technology and design has evolved and my poor old web-site, is looking tired and dated and certainly does not reflect the quality of the images I produce or the level of service I now provide.

Moving into my Bristol office last year was the ‘straw that broke the camels back’. Being surrounded by fabulous other creatives, many of whom are designers, they came every few days, often every day(!), to tell me how ‘rubbish’ my old site was and to tell me I was sooooo much better than that. The thing is, I knew it was bad. I knew it didn’t reflect who I was, but herein lies the problem…I love *everything*. I love the country, I love the city. I love beaches, I love mountains, I love urban landscapes. I love strong colourful colour palettes, I love muted tones. I love rustic, I love modern minimalist. So, to pick one ‘look’, is impossible. My indecision goes into overdrive and add to that the fact that my dreams and expectations of myself are HUGE, and you have a problem!

Finding someone to ‘take me on’ was the first step! I have worked in a number of very high-end design agencies over the years, so not only am I lucky enough to know some of ‘the best in the business’, I also know what great design looks like and I know what amazing things can be achieved technology wise. I had big dreams for what I wanted for my clients, now all we (like the ‘Royal’ we!!) had to do, was to make that a reality. Like a knight in shining amour, along came Eugene.

Over the last few months, there have been tears and tantrums (from both myself and Eugene!), days of difficult decision making, as I try to decide on just one ‘look’ (or whether to have the curly bit on the end of a letter or not!!), *so* many squeals of excitement and delight as I saw things coming to reality and finally(!), I’m thankful to say, that despite me wanting to give up many times along the way, I haven’t and….we’ve done it!!

Not only do I have an ENTIRELY new brand; complete with a beautiful new logo, slick new website, posh new business cards and such like, BUT, I have a completely new company name too (more on that decision later, else you’ll fall asleep!). There’s a *lot* more to come, so much to be refined and so many new shiny bits to be added, but for now, please revel in the fancy pants new look that is….Venetia Norrington Photography!

Venetia xx


4 Responses to “This is it…”

  1. Karl Fairbrother says:

    Wishing you the best of luck with the new site and branding.

  2. MANDY says:

    OMG you have come a long way 12 years. I remember at Sue and Mats wedding, Steve said not to give up your day job, well good job you didn’t listen to him. Keep going babe this time next year you may be a millionaire.

    Mandy xxx

    • Venetia Norrington says:

      I know Mandy!! Crazy hey?! I remember that day like it was yesterday and in his defensive I had just put the film in the camera back to front ;-)!! Good job I wasn’t the professional photographer on that day (mind you, judging by their images, poor things, I might have done better!). Thank you for your love and thoughts my lovely.

      Venetia xxxx

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