I’ve spent many happy years gallivanting around the South West but last year business rocketed and I was seeing more of the M5 than strictly necessary. I’ve always loved the nurturing environment of the creative hub in the funky quarter of historic Bristol which I share with other folk of professions various. But it was time to look for a second home ‘down South’.

Replicating a ‘vibe’ was not going to be an easy task; Kirsty and Phil were unavailable for poking around potential commercial spaces and so it took me a while. But eventually the constant trawling through property porn on the ‘net paid off and I found the perfect location on the beautiful Exeter Quayside.

And I’m delighted to say I love it! It’s a haven for the self-employed who (like me), take pleasure in a morning natter to the therapeutic hum of the coffee peculator and would otherwise be making one sided conversation with the dog. There’s a delightful spectrum of trades ranging from design to PR, marine biology to bespoke surf and snowboarding holidays; there’s always somebody interesting popping in, clutching maybe even… a surfboard… all windswept from the beach in the name of ‘research’.

And it’s great news for our lovely clients; we now offer a choice of location for consultations and viewings. Perhaps make a day of it! A very short walk from Exeter itself, Exeter Quay has a car park for visitors, easy train links and a thriving restaurant and bar scene. Pop in and say hello, then treat yourself to a delicious pizza from On the Waterfront or a cheeky cocktail from the recently discovered and much fallen in love with Dr Inks Curiosities. Or indulge in a spot of promenading in a people watching paradise!

But fear not if you aren’t from the Devon neighbourhood. I’ll still be photographing weddings all over the UK and we’ll keep our Bristol base for London clients and those from further afield. And of course there is always Skype… although this makes offering coffee and cake a tad tricky…eeerrmmm.

Venetia xx

* secretly my #favouritesport

That’s us to the left of the red brick building. Isn’t it pretty?! And will even prettier when the green banners from the flood defence installation are gone! Excuse the iPhone snap.

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